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Spoke'n'Chain Archive

Welcome to the Spoke'n'Chain archive.

Our work merges, play, community arts, sculptural work, carnival and performance.
In this archive we try to give you an easy overview of the kind of thing we do.
It is not a comprehensive list of everything we've done.
We've not included every community group, university, school, organisation that we have worked with.

Click on the text highlighted in orange to see and read more.

If you would like to know more about people and organisations we mention in this archive, you can find some of them in the Links section.

Have fun browsing!

Read on for a brief history of Spoke'n'Chain

Spoke'n'Chain was formed in 2009 after Kevin Dennis, Stefan Hintsches and Sylvia Zidek were invited by Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Arts Team to put together a cycling section for St. Pauls Carnival.

For St. Pauls Carnival we were running bicycle costuming workshops with the public and building carnival floats out of broken bicycles. This was so successful that we spent 2009 running more bicycle costuming workshops, building more crazy bicycles, visiting lots of wonderful carnivals and making great contacts and collaborating with other organisations doing fantastic work with bicycles, from pedal powered music stages to unbelievable trick cyclists.

In our second year 2010 and in receipt of Arts Council Funding and support from Cycling City and Neighborhoud Arts we ran 'My First Bicycle School of Arts' and  built 'The Bike Ride to the Moon', our first fairground ride.
'My First Bicycle School of Art' developed the art of bicycle costuming here in Bristol and went on to receive funding from Quartet Community Foundation in preparation for Bristol's first Freewheelin' Carnival. The Carnival was a great success with over 600 participants!
It is now an annual event, very popular with families, has changed its name to 'Carnivelo' and is run by the Bristol Cycle Festival committee.

With a lot of hard work on our behalf and thanks to a lot of cycling enthusiasm here in Bristol and with the support of Cycling City, Bristols first Cycle Festival took place in September 2010. We are well happy to have been part of it and even more so to have seen the involvement of Bristols multi faceted cycling community.
The Bristol Cycle Festival is still going seven years  later!

Since the very beginnings of Spoke'n'Chain we have been organising rides, putting on events under the name of 'Sprockets and Dust', cinematic, music and performance based events that usually involve a bike ride.
The first ever Sprockets and Dust provided a platform and helped with the formation of the legendary 'Les Velobici' minibike dance troupe. 

We helped set up the Bicycle Basket Market which is now out of our hands and run by a devoted group of local traders. 

In 2011 we had to move our workshop and things have changed a little since. We had to focus on clearing out and have been looking for ways to make Spoke'n'Chain work in a smaller capacity.
We built ourselves a human powered PA and sound system with the help of Magnificent Revolution and got more involved in small scale commissions.
with a cinema screenings, and illuminated installations.

2010 has seen collaborations with Paddy Waters, Toybox and  to name a few. 

In 2011 we spent 3 months at Larkmead School in Abingdon as part of a Creative Partnership exploring creativity in the classroom, using bicycles of course !

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