Sculptures, Commissions & Exhibitions

We like to make art and sculptures with broken bicycles and are always excited to find and meet other people who feel the same.

Bicycle Wheel Dome at The College Project
In spring 2011 we had to move and our new workshop had a beautiful green space. So we built this recycled, living sculpture for it.
Here it is in full bloom.

a celebration of Halloween, Diwali and Dia de loe Muertos
in St.Georges Park, Bristol, October 29th, 2011
produced by Phoenix 52

Bristol Cycle Festival Hub  Bristol Cycle Festival
Co-curators and facilitators, featuring work from Cycling Cultures bike portraits, Tim Wheatley cyclotrope, Tim Floyd ghost sculptures, the pinhole Pedallers, Boneshaker prints and artwork from Bristol papergirl,
The Showroom, Park Street, September 2011

Curation of Pedal Power!
An exhibition of cycling inspired art gathered from the first Bristol Cycle Festival, including work produced at 'My First Bicycle School of Art' workshops.
The Showroom, Park Street, November 2010

Bike Ride to the Moon
The centre piece, literally, of the first Bristol Cycle Festival, a bicycle merry go round installed on the City Centre of Bristol for ten days in September 2010
The Bike Ride to the Moon was made possible with support from the Arts Council England, Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Arts and Cycling City
'This is really cool, it's like going on a bike ride, I luv it' Eliza & Maia

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