Under the name of Sprockets and Dust we have put on events ourselves and have hosted a number of touring bicycle related shows.

'Sprockets and Dust' for Bristol Cycle Festival
...a short ride around town to pick up some missing bicycle parts ending up at the Cube  for re-assembly and some films...
Jitensha  'a bicycle dismantled.....a life retrieved'
and Mohsen Makhmalbaf's film The Cyclist not a special person in some places; it is a class, a society, and a nation...
Cube Cinema, July 15th 2012

'Sprockets and Dust' and the Bristol Cycling Campaign present a Pedal Powered Screening of  Boikzmoind
TONIGHT in Bristol at The Showroom opp. College Green! 8:30pm, part of Bris Cycle Fest!  23rd Sept. 2011

Bike Smut and Le Mini-Mans 24hrs race
'Sprockets and Dust' present a 3 day mini bicycle festival in partnership with the Motorcycle Showroom and Bike Smut including an exhibition co-curated with Boneshaker Magazine
11th-13th August 2011
"YES! thanks so much! it was AWESOME!!" Anne Fidler, Bike Smut

'Sprockets and Dust' together with Magnificent Revolution present a human powered screening of Metropolis
Cube Cinema, December 12th, 2010
" What a wonderful experience to be part of! The cycle powered Metropolis night was one of the most powerful cinematic events I've ever experienced. Fritz Langs dystopian black and white future literally came to life on the screen as audience members worked to generate electricity to power the cinema." Marko Wilkinson - Cube Cinema programmer/ Bioskop co-curator

'Sprockets and Dust' host Pleasant Revolution at the Full moon Bristol.
The Pleasant revolution end their 6 month European Bicycle Tour with a one-off gig at the Full moon Stokes Croft, after touring Europe covering over 7000km by bicycle with all their equipment including their 1200 watt human powered PA system
Bristol 7th November 2010

'Sprockets and Dust' and Bluescreen, the Cube 25th September 2010
A special bicycle themed Bluescreen and to celebrate the Bristol Cycle Festival featuring live performance from the Magical Bicycle Tour

'Sprockets and Dust' and Cyclescreen - A Critical Mass Special
Pre-launch event for Cyclescreen, Bristols Bike Film Festival
25th June 2010 Cyclescreen 5th - 8th August
'La bici e libera'

Bicycle Basket Market
In April 2010 we started running arts and crafts markets from bicycles.
They are still happening every now and then and are now independent from Spoke'n'Chain

'Sprockets and Dust' at the Cube
A bicycle powered party to celebrate and to kickstart Bristol's first Cycle festival into action. Featuring the Debut of Les Velobici 13th February 2010

Veer the Movie
Spoke 'n' Chain present an outdoor solar powered cycling cinema event 19th September 2009 "Bike culture is not a subculture – it’s a bigger thing.”

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